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In 2005 I ran the 89Km Comrades Marathon ( It was a fantastic experience which started with intensive training in late 2004. Thanks to the commitment of the many sponsors, both individuals and groups in 19 countries, I was motivated to finish the training and finally started in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa a race I will never forget. The warming up in the early morning around small fireplaces, the sunrise in the “Land of a 1000 Hills” among more than 13000 runners of all colors, the hi fives from the many handicapped albino children, the permanent cheers from the Zulu, Xhosa, South Africans and the finish … the best part was definitely crossing the finish line with the satisfaction of having collected USD 15,000 for Operation Smile in Peru. Thanks to the many sponsors who committed to a dollar amount per kilometer for Operation Smile, around 61 children with facial deformities could be operated. The multinational teams of plastic surgeons of Operation Smile changed their and their families’ lives. Please take a look at their website (, especially the video on the Peruvian website ( is amazing! This project originated the idea to create a website, Now I am contemplating which challenge I will assume next.

Martijn van Rooij

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